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Wedge Tee,Golf Tees,Logo and Promotional Tee

Wedge Tees, Golf Tee, Logo and Promotional Tees

The Wedge Tee

  • *New*, now almost a full 3" long (2 15/16") - great for larger driver heads
  • Carry one tee instead of a pocket full
  • Injection moulded from high tech plastic - breakage is rare
  • Longer for more height adjustment and better anchoring in the ground
  • Flat shape and bright colors make it easy to spot
  • Use as a green repair tool to repair ball marks
  • Chisel shaped tip for cleaning club grooves and shoe spikes.
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1 Package of 3 Tees $2.00
2 Save! 12 Packages $21.00
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Wedge Tee, Golf Tees for Logo and Promotional Uses


Assembled in Canada from Materials Produced in the U.S.A.
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