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The "Equalizer®"

Custom Putter grip

The "Equalizer®" putter grip was designed to effectively equalize and reduce muscle tension in the hands. 

This is a very plain and simply designed grip - oversize and equal size from top to bottom with no pattern or texture.

Regular tapered grips force hand muscles to grip with varying pressure from the butt end of the grip to the tapered end. This varying tension is further complicated when golfers change the position of their hands on the grip (also called choking down) for long or short putts. The "Equalizer®" putter grip is 1 and 1/8 inches in diameter from the top to the bottom and a full 11 inches in length. This serves to automatically keep the muscle tension equalized through both hands. Choking down, even to the bottom of the grip does not change the muscle tension.

The oversize diameter of the "Equalizer®" putter grip automatically reduces the muscle tension in the hands. Try this simple test with your eyes closed -
1) Open your hand fully fingers straight out - feel the tension in the muscles across the back of the hand.
2) Close your hand tightly - feel the muscle tension along the inside of the fingers.
3) Now let your hand relax about half way between those two points - there should be a noticeable absence of tension at this position.
This is where the "Equalizer®" grip fits into your hand.

Why is hand muscle tension important? Any teacher in the game of golf will tell you that the large muscles in the arms, shoulders and back should control the putting stroke. The large muscles are easier to control and less affected by stress when an important putt is on the line. Unequal or excess tension in the small muscles of the hand is a major cause of inconsistent putting - pushed and pulled putts and poor distance control.

Professional golfers accomplish equalized and reduced hand tension through skill and  hours of practice.  Under enough pressure even the pros will become inconsistent because of  hand muscle tension. Several touring pros recognized  this problem and solved it by building up their grips to a larger, equal size diameter with tape.

The "Equalizer®" putter grip is now available to solve this problem. It will automatically take the small muscles of  the hands out of the putting equation and improve accuracy and consistency.

The "Equalizer®" putter grip is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Golf Pride exclusively for John Blake & Sons Ltd.

"Equalizer®" is a registered trademark of John Blake & Sons Ltd.

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See our "Equalizer®" Custom Grip page for a grip that addresses the basic concepts listed above. This grip is smaller in diameter and has a unique surface design to improve gripping and allow it to be used on all of your clubs.

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