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Golf Ball Retrievers, 9' Golf Ball Retriever, 12' Golf Ball Retriever,15' Golf Ball Retriever, 18' Golf Ball Retriever, Golf Ball Retrievers

9,12,15 &18' Model
Golf Ball Retrievers

Pocket Pal Model Retrievers
Fits inside golf bag pocket

Pocket Pal Golf Ball Retrievers, Golf Ball Retriever


  • The original patented two sided pick up golf ball retriever head - scoop the ball from either side or trap and hold the ball from a firm surface.
  • Available in white, fluorescent orange or fluorescent yellow - high visibility colors make it easy to locate and retrieve golf balls.
  • Aluminum sections fully anodized to keep your hands clean
  • Instant use - long lasting friction fit parts extend and retract instantly.
  • Saves time - retrieve golf balls from water hazards, bushes, over fences.
  • Saves money - will pay for itself many times over in recovered golf balls
  • *Take advantage of our "Foursome Special Offer" - save 75% on your individual shipping cost and a further 10% off the listed price.*
Model Description Price (U.S.)
9'Model 3 Sections, 9' extended, 41.75" closed $19.95
12' Model 4 Sections, 12' extended, 42" closed $24.95
15' Model 5 Sections, 15' extended, 42.5" closed $32.95
18' Model 6 Sections, 18' extended, 43" closed $37.95
Rake Model 5 Sections, 15' extended, 43" closed $39.95
Pocket Pal 6 Sections, 6'7" extended, 20" closed $24.95
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Rake Style Retriever

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Assembled in Canada from Materials Produced in the U.S.A.
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